Lighthouse Gdańsk
Nowy Port

Lighthouse Gdańsk Nowy Port

This is one of the most beautiful lighthouses in northern Europe. It was built in 1893 and taken into operation in 1894. According to lore, it’s the twin of the most beautiful lighthouse in the United States of America, the lighthouse of Cleveland, Ohio. It is the first lighthouse on the Baltic Sea to use electric light. The Nowy Port lighthouse also plays a role in the history of World War II. From its top, the signal to the crew of the armored cruiser Schleswig-Holstein was given to start shelling the Westerplatte on 1 September 1939. From one of the windows of the lighthouse, a machine gun was fired at the Westerplatte garrison. Shots from a light cannon took out the machine gun; traces of this are still visible on the wall of the lighthouse. Operation of the lighthouse ended when the Port Północny lighthouse was put into operation. It was included in the list of landmarks and opened to the public in 2004. There is a time sphere on top of the lighthouse, allowing once ships to set their time.